Things to Bring:

Bandito Charters would like you to have an enjoyable trip. This usually starts with bringing the right equipment for our Northwest climate. They say if you can dive in the Northwest, you can dive anywhere! For new divers, visitors to the Northwest needing rental equipment, or the experienced warmer water diver here is a recommended list:

Bandito Charters does not provide any equipment. We can provide rental tanks, weights etc. by prior arrangement with Rick.

Required Dive Equipment:
Mask, snorkel and fins.
Wet or dry suit. Water temperature is between 50 - 56 degrees. We recommend a 7mm if using a wet suit.
Hood, gloves, booties.
Weight belt or pouch weights for integrated BC's, ankle weights etc. Please remember that more weight is necessary in colder salt water than in warmer salt, or fresh water.
Full scuba cylinders / tanks. Typically 2 unless your on a three tank trip. We do not fill tanks onboard the boats.
Buoyancy compensating device. (BCD)
Regulator(s), pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass.
Dive computer or dive tables.
Dive light (required for night diving)
Certification Card.
Gear bag for all this stuff.

Please leave large totes, hard (Pelican) cases, or bins in your vehicle. We will provide a crate for the miscellaneous gear besides your assembled BCD.
Please - No weights in gear bags.

Optional Equipment:
Glow (Cyalume) stick, battery operated marker, or strobe for night dives.
Pony bottle with regulator, Spare Air or other backup breathing device. (recommended)
Dive light (recommended for all dives.) Wolf Eel, Octopus, large Lings etc. are typically found between or under large boulders, in cracks, or dens that you usually need a light to locate, and truly appreciate the beauty of the animal.)
Dive Alert, and or scuba signaling device with reel i.e. sausage, deco bag etc. (optional unless on a planned decompression dive)
Save a Dive Kit: O-rings, silicone, spare straps, hoses, mask, tools, etc. (recommended)
Dive logbook- We have a Bandito Charters logbook stamp on board.
DAN or other medical dive insurance.

Due to insurance regulations we would appreciate that no alcoholic beverages are brought onboard.