Featured Dive Sites

  • KVI TOWER     Artificial reef with many species of fish including pacific octopus. Suitable for ALL skill levels. (40 to 120 ft.)

  • BARGES AT MAURY ISLAND    Sunken wooden barges; a 38-ft. pleasure craft and a rock field provide great diving for ALL skill levels. (40 to 70 ft.)

  • DALCO WALL    Awesome wall dive for ADVANCED divers. This wall starts at about 60 ft. and rapidly drops to 120 ft. and beyond.

  • SUNRISE COUNTY PARK    Diver friendly wolf eels highlight this dive site that hosts a bounty of other marine species. INTERMEDIATE dive with depths of 40 to 60 ft.

  • POINT RICHMOND MINESWEEPER    Sunken wooden ship in an advanced state of decay. She is a sister ship of the Calypso. Suitable for ALL divers. (60 to 70 ft.)

  • POINT DEFIANCE NORTH WALL    Clay banks give a moonscape feel to this exciting dive where wolf eel and octopus are often seen. ADVANCED dive with depths of 40 to 90 ft.)

  • POINT DEFIANCE WEST WALL Vertical clay wall with plant and animal life that drops to 80 ft. This is an ADVANCED dive.

  • EAST SIDE TACOMA NARROWS    A rocky slope with a cobblestone bottom. Lots of life to see from 30 to 80 ft. This is an INTERMEDIATE dive.

  • WEST STANCHION TACOMA NARROWS    Free fall to 120 ft. and see big lingcod and octopus. This is an ADVANCED dive.

  • DAY ISLAND WALL     Ledges, shelves, and walls carved out from tidal exchanges are home to abundant sea life. ADVANCED dive with depths from 50 to 110 ft.

  • Z’S REEF    A 200-yard long reef teaming with plant life is sure to offer ALL divers a great experience. (40 to 60 ft.)

  • FOX ISLAND EAST WALL    Abundant sea life can be found on this sandstone and clay wall. An INTERMEDIATE dive with depths from 40 to 100 ft.

Note: This list of sites is for informational purposes only. The ability to dive the previously listed dive sites is subject to weather, tides and skill level of the individual divers aboard the charter.