H2O “Two for One” 2018 Schedule

Guidelines for Bandito Charters Scuba H2O “Two for One”

* Must be used between May 1st and December 31st 2018

*Only valid for dates on the “Two for One “ calendar and is not valid with any other promotional discount

*Minimum 8 divers needed to run on dive dates

*“Scuba H2O” two for one offer is defined as two divers for one two tank boat dive each on a particular day

*Advanced Certification Required. Divers must present a valid certification card and log book documenting dives in cold water within the last 6 months.

*E-mail Rick at banditocharters.com for spots on scheduled dive days. 8 divers minimum need to run. All charters out of Tacoma 0800 load @ Delin Docks

*Thursday May 24th

*Wednesday June 20th

*Wednesday July 18th

*Wednesday August 15th

*Saturday September 9th

*Wednesday October 24th

*Saturday November 3rd

*Tuesday December 4th

* If you have a group of 8 or more divers that would like another date please e-mail Rick at banditocharters@gmail.com for availability

*Dates are subject to change